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Completion date: July 14, 2022

Location: Round Rock, TX

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We’re so excited to introduce our Spotlight Athlete for July is Dave! Dave
one of those guys who comes to the gym in a quiet manner, works incredibly hard not looking for any applause or attention, generally works out at 5am all while working full time and taking care of his family! He is a true testament to what hard work and complete focus and dedication can accomplish. He’s an inspiration for anyone who’s been wondering if the CrossFit methodology is for everyone. We asked Dave a few questions about his time with us. Check out what he said below.
“1 - Tell us about you.
I’m married with 3 kids 16,13,10 when not at work for a large General Contractor I’m usually running one or more of my kids around to some form of sports. Originally from Kansas but we’ve lived in Austin for 8 years Texas for 17. Love the Round Rock / Pflugerville area. I’ve always been involved in sports. Growing up I was in competitive waterskiing, football, and pole vaulting. I love watching my kids complete and I just try to stay in good enough shape to beat them at most things. We love being outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and CrossFit helps just staying active.
2 - What brought you to the gym?
I actually started CrossFit 10 years ago in Louisiana. After moving to Houston and then to Austin it’s been a on and off love affair with working out, but I keep coming back to CrossFit and really enjoy the workouts.
3 - What would you tell someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?
Try it out for at least a week. Try different times, and remember don’t judge yourself against the other people. We all started on a first day.
4 - What is the one thing that you like about CrossFit 3 Strands?
The people. No matter what time I come. The attitude in the gym is the same. It’s amazing how the 5am and the 6:30pm classes have the same energy.
5 - What are your future Goals/Plans?
I need to get back to consistently coming. I’ve been able to float for the last couple of months but, 5am is going to become my regular again in the near future. And double unders, I still can’t do more the 5 in a row.”

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Dave with his family
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Dave with his family