Job completed for Cisco De la Garza

Completion date: April 11, 2023

Location: Taylor, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

We are so excited to introduce our Spotlight Athlete for the month of April is Cisco! Cisco is one of those guys who comes to the gym in a quiet manner, works incredibly hard not looking for any applause or attention, generally works out at 5am all while working full time and taking care of his family! He is a true testament to what hard work and complete focus and dedication can accomplish. He’s an inspiration for anyone who’s been wondering if the CrossFit methodology is for everyone. We asked Cisco a few questions about his time with us. Check out what he said below.
1 - Tell us about you?
"I started CrossFit back in 2013 when a friend encouraged me to try it out when I lived in Missouri."
2 - What brought you to CrossFit 3 Strands?
"I joined CrossFit 3 Strands in November 2021 to get back into CrossFitting again post Covid! I really missed the workouts."
3 - Why did you join CrossFit 3 Stands?
"3 Strands has a great laidback atmosphere. The community of people are really nice and encouraging and they offer a great variety of class times."
4 - What is the one thing that you like about CrossFit 3 Strands?
"The people. No matter what time I come to the gym, such great energy in every class. You get to experience some friendly competition among friends. And "Option Friday" workout is always a burner!”
5 - What would you tell someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?” Go for it! Listen to your body and work on fundamentals. Try it out for at least a week. You'll be hooked."
6 - What are your future goals/plans?
"I want to maintain my Fitness and listen to my body."

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