Job completed for Cara Hamlin

Completion date: April 18, 2023

Location: Round Rock, TX

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‼️Transformation Tuesday ‼️
Super excited to share with you an AMAZING transformation from our athlete, Cara has had the last several months!! Cara is committed to health and fitness for a better, stronger life! Congratulations Cara! You are SO inspiring!
Read on to see what Cara had to say about her transformation….

“A little bit about me, I'm a busy mom of three girls, ages 2-7. I've been Crossfitting for twelve years, through various life and health changes. After being pregnant and having a baby in the pandemic, my nutrition stalled, and I didn't let my health become a priority. I've joked that I have been maintaining my postpartum weight, and haven't seen the scale move much the last two years. I had made some half-hearted attempts to get back on track, but nothing ever stuck, and I always quit. After getting to the point where I felt like I needed to push through the discomfort and frustration and take charge of my health, I decided to join the January Health Reset Challenge at the gym. I had seen others get positive results and maintaining them from the challenge in the fall. I decided that in order to fully commit, having meal plans done by Jessica would help me push through. I loved that I had structured meals and snacks and they were perfectly portioned to my macros. One of my biggest issues previously was snacking and grazing on sweets. After a few days of following my meal plans, my cravings dropped off and I was full between meals. I had more energy, was seeing better results in the gym, and just felt more like my body was using food as fuel. After six weeks, I got second place in the gym challenge, and knew that I wanted to keep going. Currently I've lost about 17 pounds, three pant sizes, around 11 inches, and I've gained several pounds of muscle. Having the combination of the meal plans as well as the supportive community at CrossFit 3 Strands has helped me take back my health.”

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