Reviews for CrossFit 3 Strands

  • Comment: *note* I do have a friend who is a coach here but I judge this on my experience, the programs, and the atmosphere (especially compared to other options in the area)

    I have recently moved to this area, from another area of Round Rock, and Crossfit 3 Strands happened to be nearby and also have a coach and friend that I have known for years; Phyllis (psst she's amazing...just saying). The team here was VERY welcoming.

    First I am a disabled veteran. I am limited in some things I can do and when I can do them. The coaches here work with YOU and integrate YOU into the program. I am not trying to be a "hulk" and simply want to improve my fitness, mobility, and be active.
    Here they can help you in whatever level you want to attain since they are certified in Athletic performers down to simple fitness.

    Here they were able to provide me a multitude of options, while working in my limits, for many of the exercises while keeping me physically engaged and not awkwardly ostracized. That was a nice relief from other "gyms"&"fitness centers" etc. as I have tried a few, but the convenience of being here locally worked out great.

    This location has monthly free sessions and family sessions so everyone can get involved. Check out their site for details.
    They also provide discounts to first responders and military veterans.

    Overall, if you are new or old and simply interested in what they can help you with here; consider checking them out.
    The workouts are simple, within YOUR ability, and time efficient to get you results.
    Give them a view and a try as I do not think you will be disappointed.
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