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Legends 55+ Program in Pflugerville, TX

The Legends 55+ class is open to all abilities and designed for those that are looking to just get moving again and would like to enjoy the mix of training that CrossFit offers, including strength training, general fitness and body weight exercises, but are looking for a class that is tailored for an older age group.

Our Legends 55+ program is specifically designed for individuals, age 55 + but inclusive to anyone. The Legends 55+ class focus on movements that most people do every day. You may not realize it, but many of the movements you do in your daily life are versions of exercise we train at CrossFit 3 Strands. For instance, when you pick up something off the ground, you deadlift. When you go from a standing to seated position and stand again, you squat. When you put something away over your head, you are pressing.

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Typical CrossFit Methodology

We have created a great simplified approach based on the typical CrossFit methodology, but is scaled and modified to suit. We understand that a typical CrossFit class may be intimidating, however the Legends 55+ program simplifies the approach by allowing you to workout with your peers and perform functional movements that will help you in every day life and maintain independence.

Aging is inevitable for all of us. We are here to help prioritize your health and fitness. We know that you may have pre-existing injuries and health issues. We have developed a program with that in mind. We will help you increase your overall strength, improve flexibility, improve longevity and better day to day functioning for an improved quality of life and all within an encouraging and welcoming environment.

What does a typical CrossFit Legends 55+ class look like?

The Legends 55+ Class is led by a certified CrossFit L-2 Trainer.

Class will be 1 hour in duration and include introductions, warm up, strength training, workout, and cool down stretching.

The approach is simple and functional in design to get those with limited experience moving and focus on movements that we do in every day life. We work on picking things up, such as medicine balls, dumbbells and kettle bells, barbells and even odd objects. We move light to moderate loads and keep the loading specific to the individual.

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We will spend the first few minutes checking in and seeing how everyone is doing.

We warm up. Warm ups will vary, but we designed them to get your heart rate above resting, the blood circulating so you start a small sweat, and we loosen up so it's easier to move around.

We do some Strength Training. This can be done with a barbell, a pair of dumbells, kettle bells or body weight only movements.

We do a workout that is at a little higher speed than the rest of class.

We rest in between each segment of the class and also whenever you need a rest and allow for many questions or clarification.

Everyone works at their own pace and ability level.

We cool down stretch and talk about the workout.