Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck

Deadlift: 295 lb
Back Squat: 215 lb
Bench: 165 lb
400M: 1:15 Minutes
Mile: 5:07 Minutes
Marathon: 3 hrs 7 minutes
Ultra-Marathon 50k:4 hours 14 minutes


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Crossfit Running Course
USA Triathlon Certified Race Director & Coach


Glenn Beck

Started my fitness journey about 37 years ago. To lose weight by running in local 5k races and when they were about $10 to enter one. After a few of them. I began to feel that I had a knack for running. Started running local races from a mile to ultra-marathon distance and 50 miles. Became more serious about fitness. Started to do swimming and cycling long-distance events. Joined a local Triathlon community and competed in a few IronMan races. Realized I am an endurance junkie. For a few years, I was on staff as a swim instructor and Camp Director for an adult-based fitness camp in West Texas. I've been around fitness activities for a good bit of my life. Therefore I certainly enjoy the benefits of fitness. Absolutely believe, all it takes is to put one foot in front of the other to start the journey.

Walked into a Crossfit Gym about 8-9 years ago. Again to challenge myself. Met Blyth and started my Crossfit experience. During the Pandemic I realized that I missed the camaraderie of crossfitters and the passion it brings. Became a CrossFit trainer and each and every day I see a group of people who enjoy fitness and push themselves to their unforeseen limits. Group motivation makes hard work easier!