Jessica Wilhelm
Jessica Wilhelm

400 M Run: 1:30
Hang Clean: 115 lb
Meal Prep Master
Back Squat: 165 lb
Grace: 3:09
DT: 7:24


CrossFit Level 1
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science

Coach | Gym Manager | Certified Nutrition Coach

Jessica Wilhelm

Athletics and fitness have been a part of Jessica's life since she was in elementary school. It was her 5th-grade PE Coach that gave Jessica the confidence she needed to play for the local basketball league.  After that first game, she was hooked and never looked back.  Jessica continued to play basketball and run cross-country through high school.  Being part of a team, training with others who had the same motivation, goals, and mindset, as well as supportive coaches, grew her athletic and competitive spirit.  It is important to Jessica that she continues to train, compete, and set an example of health and wellness for her children today.  As a Coach, she brings the same positivity, team mentality, and motivation to every class to help support athletes on their fitness journey.

A key turning point that steered Jessica to becoming a personal trainer and CrossFit Coach, after many years as a nutritionist, was when she joined group fitness classes in her community.  After several months of attending classes, the Trainer told Jessica that she had the qualities to be an excellent trainer and asked if she would consider getting certified. Jessica has always loved helping people with nutrition, but this was an opportunity to take it a step further.  The process to become a trainer was rigorous.  Having elite coaches critique her training was hard, but it was that feedback, as hard as it was to hear, that ultimately sharpened her skills and paved the path for where she is today as a Coach.

Jessica is passionate about educating others on how to improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits, lifestyle choices, and exercise goals. Her professional work experience has been focused on assessing individuals' dietary needs, creating personalized nutrition plans, providing guidance on healthy eating habits, and utilizing the support of nutritional supplements where it makes sense for the individual.  In the gym, it is important to Jessica that she meets everyone's specific movement and lifting needs, helps set appropriate goals, offers support, and is that positive reinforcement that you can do hard things!